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About Dear Denier

Extraordinary socks and stockings for extraordinary women

Dear Denier [di(e)r de’ni(e)r] was founded in 2012 by Danish Katrine Drost Lewinsky with a mission to offer luxury socks and tights to the consumer appreciate  quality, design and sustainability.

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At Dear Denier we’re all about good taste, quality, and style. We love fashion and we appreciate the value of a nice pair of stockings and ancle socks. “Denier” is an old French term used to indicate the fineness of hosiery and at Dear Denier we only produce the finest stockings for you to wear.

"Life is too short to wear bad quality stockings – they are the signature of an outfit and should always look and feel good"

All of our stockings and ancle socks are designed in Denmark and the aim is an elegant and yet simple look wearable for all occasions. The stockings are made in Italian factories with year old experience in making the finest quality products. This approach is the secret to how Dear Denier is always able to deliver to you the absolute best design and quality products.

About the designer

The designer behind Dear Denier is named Katrine Drost. Katrine has spent several years as a Scandinavian sales representative for brands such as Patrizia Pepe, Filippa K and Moncler. After spending more than a decade touring the many clothing shops in Scandinavia she came to the conclusion, that there was a lack of quality stockings with a cool look and design. Therefore she decided to launch Dear Denier to design and produce stockings suitable for the Nordic taste and the women who like fashion, good design and quality and who would like this for a very competitive price.

Katrine knows that we are all different when it comes to choosing your favorite stockings - style, colour, material, and so on plays a role when you decide to put on a pair of stockings with your outfit. This is why she offers a range of stockings so you don’t have to compromise what makes the difference to you. All of her stockings are named after her girlfriends representing their distinct taste and style and come in various colours and materials.

Dear Denier makes it really difficult to make up excuses not to grab a pair of stockings when you look for a new best friend for you favorite dress or skirt.

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