Erika Seamless 15 Denier Sheer


Erika 15 denier sheer nude is close to invisible. Erika is our take on the seamless tights. They are – in our humble opinion – the perfect pair of tights. Made with no seams to bother and a 3D weaving technology to secure the best possible fit and durability. The extra wide waistband is hand sewn on to secure the perfect fit. Named after my friend Erika who is a conscious consumer who never compromises with quality.

These tights are super comfortable and will not roll, sag or pinch. You’ll even forget that you are wearing them!

The tights are made in one of our Italian zero-waste factories.

The tights come in a beautiful green box meant to be reused for whatever fits inside - most of our customers use it for hairbands, jewelry or tights. It also works perfectly as a gift box if you wish to make another person happy.  


67% polyamide
33% elastane

OEKO-TEX® certified

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